Adam Moseley started his career at Trident Studios in London in 1978, where he quickly became established as an innovative engineer, mixer and producer. After 4 years at Trident, in late 1981 Adam moved to New York to work at Sorcerer Sound and Park South Studios. In 1983. he returned to London to work again at Trident I and  establish Trident II Studios, where he helped build an incredible team of producer/engineers that continue to be a driving force in today’s music, including Flood, Alan Moulder and Mark “Spike” Stent. During the Trident years Adam gained invaluable experience working with esteemed producers such as Tom Dowd, Phil Ramone, Mike Stone, Mutt Lange, Stephen W. Tayler, Rupert Hine, Terry Brown, Steve Lillywhite, Hugh Jones, Alec Costandinos and Paul Samwell Smith.  Adam has enjoyed worldwide success as a producer, engineer aand mixer with many diverse artists at gold and platinum status that include John Cale, Wolfmother, U2, Nikka Costa/Lenny Kravitz, Beck/Jack White, Claudio Valenzuela, Lucybell, Roxette, Maxi Priest, Richard Marx, Galliano, The Cure, Kiss, Visage, Rush, Wet Wet Wet, Ketama, Buffalo Tom, Marla Glen, The Buggles and The Blow Monkeys.

Adam has many film and TV credits, that include mixing the score for  "The Big Wedding" (Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon, Robin Williams, Amanda Seyfried ), recording with Nick Zinner and mixing for Spike Jonze’s “I Am Here", "The Americans" (FX Channel), "True Blood" (HBO) and the multi award winning feature movie “The Dark Valley" (2014). Various other credits include film and tv mixing with Nathan Barr, Lisbeth Scott, Matthias Weber, Joel Douek and Barbara Cohen.

Adam is currently involved as an Associate Producer, Music Supervisor, Composer and Sound Mixer for a music documentary about the guitar “great” Terry Kath, which is currently funded and in production.

Adam has also built an impressive reputation for his eclectic work in jazz, opera, R&B, classical and 'world' music, working with artists that include Jose Carreras, Michael Brecker, Talvin Singh, Branford Marsalis, Vernon Reid, Bill Bruford, Tina Turner, Baaba Maal, Earth Wind and Fire, Melba Moore, Kenny G, Hoagy Carmichael and Georgie Fame.

Adam is known for his skills in song arrangement and instrumentation, and his ability to nurture, direct and achieve exceptional performances from the artists with whom he works. Adam incorporates his vast range of experience from tracking with classic Trident, Neve and API consoles to utilizing the latest ProTools HD and Ableton Live technology and various recording/mixing systems. With such a vast wealth of experience to draw from, Adam is able to adapt and apply the appropriate knowledge, techniques and colours to very diverse records, styles and artists… and pursue his concept of 3D dimensional sound in music production, arrangement and mixing.

After many years of travel between the UK and the US and also in Europe, Adam has resided in Los Angeles since 1996. He is currently involved in bringing his experience and skills to the development of new artists while he continues to work with established artists, feature movies and tv soundtracks.

In 2003, Adam teamed up with The Dust Brothers and took charge of The Boat recording studio in Silverlake, Los Angeles. The studio quickly became established as one of the leading recording facilities in Los Angeles and was the favourite studio home to a vast selection of top recording artists and producers., including Beck, Jack White, Ben Harper, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Wolfmother, Avril Lavigne, Warpaint, Garbage, Tenacious D and many more.

In recent years Adam has been an instructor at the UCLA Extension program, teaching two music production courses in consecutive semesters and has also acted as a consultant and guest speaker/judge on studio design at The Southern California Institute of Architecture.

The 2009 edition of the “Songwriter’s Market” features a several page interview with “legendary producer Adam Moseley”. ( (

Recently Adam was featured on “Pensado’s Place” ( and presented a workshop for Ableton Live at Vintage King LA, based on his Producing and Mixing method of integrating Live with ProTools.

Adam is proud to be collaborating with the PMI Audio Group on the new Trident 88 console and other audio products. 

Adam uses Barefoot Sound mm45 speakers and Apogee AD/DA Converters.

Trident Studios in the late '70's

Humble Beginnings

Adam Moseley

"Concept, visualisation and arrangement is everything.....

The arrangement of the musical notes into parts...and then the arrangement of those parts within the "Sonic Field".... the space between, above, below, behind and in front of the speakers. It's like painting on an empty 3D canvas. Everything is possible ... so you much choose the colours and use of dimension carefully.

Be clear about what you want to achieve from the very beginning....

When starting to work with an artist, with a song or on a movie, I must have a very clear concept of the dimension of the sound... the depth, width and spacial 3D aspect of how I see the song, the mix, and how I want to present the performance and capture the character in the sound.

With an artist, though the process of pre-production and rehearsal, I am able to explore and find the very best options to achieve the emotional purpose of the song and performance. Of course, I must understand exactly what the artist envisages, help them achieve that vision... or guide them to it.

With a feature movie or documentary, I must become completely familiar with the purpose, dimension and emotional goals of the film... and then look to expand upon and respond to those feelings and colours with sound."

Trident Studios, London _ The Mix Room


Flood, Me 'n Alan Moulder

Las Vegas, May 2008

( I think !!??)

Trident Studios, London _ View From The Control  Room

Trident Studios, London _ The Tracking  Room

The first album I ever witnessed being made.  Peter Gabriel 2 (1978)...

At Trident Studios, Soho.. Robert Fripp, Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta, Roy Bittan and PG... not a bad start !

I was first hired by Trident as a chef and builder in January 1978, to help the build-out and construction work necessary to enlarge the control room so it could accommodate the Trident A Range. A larger window had to be installed and the area of the control room enlarged into 'open space' above the tracking room.

After the construction was completed, I helped carry the frame of the A Range into the Control Room and was 'promoted' to tea-boy after 3 months.

From tea-boy, I worked my way up to Tape Op, Assistant Engineer, Engineer and Producer.

Four years after being hired, Trident Studios closed and I moved to New York. The A Range console was sold and shipped to Cherokee Studios in Los Angeles.

Part of that console is now incorporated into the A Range that is in the legendary Studio 3 at East West Studios, Los Angeles (above), a studio that was home to The Beach Boys for "Pet Sounds", The Mamas and The Papas "California Dreaming" , and many other songs with the sound of California that I grew up listening to......      

 What a trip !​

Trident Studios, London _ The Control Room

Me 'n Mark "Spike" Stent

... lovingly at NAMM 2016

The Mid 80's Trident crew